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House Additions

Financing Your Renovation Project

Financing your renovation or house addition project is an important consideration, that should be addressed early on in the renovation planning process.  The project won’t go very far if you can’t pay for it. We’d all like to have the cash available to pay for the renovation project, but often this is not the case,…

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4 Insurances Every Renovation Project Needs

When you’re planning a home renovation, or building an addition to your home, don’t forget about insurance.  There are three  insurances you need to check before starting the work, and one after the work is complete. 1. Builder or Contractor Liability Insurance If you are hiring a builder or contractor to do the renovation or…

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Home Renovations: Return on Investment

Many homeowners look at return on investment when making a renovation decision.  They want to make sure that whatever money is spent on a renovation today could be recovered if the home was sold tomorrow. It is important to look at whether a renovation makes financial sense.  However, few custom renovation and remodeling projects, completed…

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House Additions: 7 Things That Affect Cost

House Additions: 7 Things that Affect Cost One of the first questions we get from homeowners who are thinking about building a house addition is: “What will adding an addition to my house cost?” This is an important question to ask.  Why dream about an addition that is not affordable, and more importantly, why start…

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