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Aging In place Design

Aging in Place design is the idea of making home spaces accessible to all people, including older people and those with disabilities.  As people live longer, there is a greater need to create living spaces to accommodate extended life spans.  Living at home is usually a less expensive option than moving into an assisted living facility.

Every successful agin in place project begins with design - identifying the needs of the people who will be using the space, and crafting a solution.

A home designed with agin in place in mind can look good - in fact  - that is our goal - to have it look luxurious, and not institutional.

Aging In Place Renovations

We can perform the following types of aging in place modifications:

- Bathroom renovations: curbless showers, walk-in-tubs, accessible vanity, shower benches, grab bars
- Door widening: to allow for walkers & wheelchairs
- Electrical: lowering switches, adding lighting
- Door knob replacement: install levers for easier operation
- Ramp construction for wheelchairs and walkers
- Slip resistant flooring

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Funtion & Looks

Aging In Place design is functional by necessity.  But it does not need to look institutional.  It can also be created to look good and add to the value of the house.

View some of our completed projects, where barrier free design and aging in place and was important to the homeowner:


Design Build Services

Complete home renovations services, from concept to completion:

  • interior & exterior design
  • engineering, where needed
  • building permits
  • construction

Design build services area a good option for busy Erin homeowners looking for one firm to handle everything from design to construction.

We are based nearby in Caledon, and we have been building in the area since 2004.

Erin is a wonderful place to build. The building department is quick to respond to building permit applications, and the building inspectors are knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with.