Practical Kitchen Cabinetry Choices

Functional Kitchen Cabinetry Choices

When it comes to kitchen renovations, sometimes we are only able to increase the square footage of the space slightly. With this in mind, it can be the cabinetry selection that makes the biggest impact on a homeowner’s overall enjoyment of their newly renovated kitchen.

Kitchen cabinets of the past were limited to boxy, one-size-needs-to-fit-all approaches. While the finish of cabinetry came in several options, the boxes were uninspiring. What resulted was a kitchen that looked beautiful, yet had a lot of storage space that didn’t function well.

Today, manufacturers have taken cabinetry to a whole new level. Semi-custom cabinetry comes in all shapes and sizes and is well designed for making the most of our kitchen space. And what’s even more exciting is that even though there are hundreds of choices on the market, manufacturers are continuously improving upon their designs for enhanced storage capabilities and functionality.

Here are some of our favourite kitchen cabinetry features that we often incorporate into our kitchen renovation projects:

1. Piano hinge corner cabinet doors are the most cost-effective way to create an accessible corner cabinet. The door hinges so that you can gain full access to the space. This space is typically used for larger appliances or serving dishes.

2. A lazy Susan is another fine option for gaining full access to a corner cabinet, but unlike the piano hinge corner cabinet, homeowners use this for storing smaller items.

3. Pull-out shelves allow you to see what’s stored from front to back in the cabinet.

4. Cabinets designed for a specific purpose, such as storing spices or a tip-out tray to hide your dish sponge, make use of every square inch of space.

5. Lighted glass-front cabinetry is an attractive way to show off your glassware and provide additional lighting to the kitchen.

6. A pull-out microwave drawer keeps your countertop free of the microwave and allows you easier access to hot foods than its over-the-stove counterpart.

7. Pantry cabinets allow for maximized storage space and visibility.

8. Baking sheet storage, often placed above the oven, allows for perfect use of a typically non-usable space.