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Elevate your condo lifestyle?

Are you ready to turn your Mississauga condo into the ultimate urban oasis?

We specialize in crafting upscale and luxurious living spaces that reflect your unique style and elevate your lifestyle. Whether you’re craving a sleek modern design, a cozy retreat, or a functional space that maximizes every square inch, our team of designers and expert craftspersons are here to bring your vision to life.

We are condo renovation specialist and have been renovating condos in Mississauga for over 20 years.

Choosing A Condo Renovation Contractor

Choosing a condo renovation contractor?

Start with a properly insured contractor.   Insist on a contractor with a WSIB Clearance certificate, and $2 million liability insurance.  A small plumbing leak in a house can cause thousands in damage.  In a condominium building, it can be tens or even hundreds of thousands.

Look for a Mississauga condo renovation contractor who has the ability and desire to professionally represent you at the condominium management office.  Your property manager will love you when you work with a professional condo renovation contractor.

Fortunately there are renovation contractors that are experienced with condo renovations.  Using an experienced condominium renovator will make the process much easier and more pleasant.

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Rules & Logistics

Every condo building has rules that will regulate renovations.  At minimum, they will set working hours.  They may require approvals prior to starting work.  Some buildings will regulate the type of materials that are installed, such as flooring.  Upscale buildings in Mississauga tend to have more restrictions than others.

Additionally, you can only renovate what is yours - the interior finishes in your condo unit.  Concrete walls, exterior windows and doors are part of the common elements of the building and cannot be touched.

Logistics are vital.  How are material deliveries arranged?  How about waste removal?  And contractor parking?  Projects in a newer downtown Mississauga condominium with limited space can be more complex than an older condo building in Mississauga built on a larger piece of land.

How We work: design + build 

Every great condo renovation begins with design.

Our in-house design team will create concepts and options, review them with you, and help with product selections.  We obtain any required approvals from condo management and a City of Mississauga building permit if needed.  Our construction team will then take over and perform all the work on the project.

We take on all types of condominium renovation projects, including condo kitchen renovations and condo bathroom renovations.  Over the past 20 years, we have completed condominium renovations in  Mississauga, Toronto, and as far north as Blue Mountain.

Professional Condo Renovation Contractor

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