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As Toronto grows, more and more condo units are being built.  Over the past 50 years, more than 300,000 units have been built in the Greater Toronto Area.  Older units are often in dire need of updating, but even those that are 10 or 15 years old could use updates to make them more liveable.

Condo renovations are a wonderful opportunity to create a functional and beautiful living space.  But, they are are more complex than a home renovation.  Here are some of the things to consider, and some tips to help make your condo renovation a pleasant experience.



Every condo building has rules that regulate and limit renovations and improvements within each unit.

Working Hours: At minimum, there will be restrictions on working hours, usually limited from Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

Materials: Most buildings also have restrictions on the types of materials that are used in condo renovations.  For example, many buildings will specify the colour of window blinds, and most have rules regarding hardwood flooring installation.

Approvals: Some condo buildings will require a renovation plan to be submitted prior to starting the renovations.  The process can be similar to obtaining a building permit.

Downtown Toronto condos, and condos in expensive buildings, tend to have more restrictions than condos in suburban locations such as Mississauga.

If you're planning a condo renovation, start by having a conversation with the property manager.  Find out all the rules pertaining to your condo renovation project.  The property manager will be delighted and impressed that you're having this conversation prior to starting the work.



In a home renovation, it is relatively easy to relocate plumbing fixtures and electrical.  In a condo, not that easy, and often impossible.

Removing walls may not be possible if they are made of concrete. 

The great news is, there are still ways to work within the constraints to design and build a beautiful living space.



Logistics are important.  What are the work hours?  How are material deliveries arranged?  How about waste removal?  And contractor parking? 

Projects in downtown Toronto condominiums with limited space can be more complex than a condo renovation in Mississauga which is built on a larger piece of land.

Fortunately, there are some renovation contractors that have experience with condo renovations.  Using an experienced condo renovator will make the process much easier and more pleasant.



Choosing a condo renovation contractor? 

Start with a properly insured contractor.   Insist on a contractor with a WSIB Clearance certificate, and $2 million liability insurance.  A small plumbing leak in a house can cause thousands in damage.  In a condo building, it can be tens or even hundreds of thousands.

Look for a condo renovation contractor who has the ability and desire to professionally represent you at the condo management office.  Your property manager will love you when you work with a professional condo renovation contractor.



Condominium renovations are more costly than home renovations.  Stricter building codes raise the costs of plumbing and electrical work.  Building regulations generally require the installation of sound dampening materials.  Lack of parking, lack of space for waste bins, and longer distance for delivering materials all add to additional costs.

Location will also affect cost, with downtown Toronto condos being more costly to renovate than those in the suburban areas such as Mississauga and Richmond Hill.



Our design build process works equally well with condo renovations as it does with other home renovation projects. 

Our designer with help create concepts and options, review them with you, and help with product selections.  We will secure any required approvals from condo management and a building permit if needed.  And then our construction team will take over and perform all the work on the project.

We take on all types of condo renovation projects,including condo kitchen renovations, condo bathroom renovations, condo flooring replacement, etc.  Over the past 15 years, we have completed condo renovations in Toronto, North York, Mississauga and as far north as Blue Mountain.



Inspire Homes is a design build company, renovating homes and condos in the Greater Toronto area.  Areas we work include Toronto, North York, Etobicoke, Mississauga, Richmond Hill and Caledon.