Deck Design + Deck Builder | Caledon

Deck Building & Deck Construction

We are a deck builder serving Caledon and the surrounding area.  Our services include:

-        Deck design

-        Building permits

-        Deck construction

Custom Deck Design

Homeowners build decks for a reason – it may be for personal use, a functional outdoor living space, or for entertaining family and friends.  We start every project by understanding why you want the deck and how it will be used.  And then design it to fit your needs.

We will also obtain building permits from the Town of Caledon where required to ensure compliance building code, and for the safety of those who will be using the deck.

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Deck Materials

The structure is always built with pressure treated wood.  For the decking, there are multiple options:

-         Pressure treated wood

-         Cedar

-         Composite decking

Maintenance, longevity and budget are usually prime factors in determining what type of decking material will be used.



Deck Railings

Multiple options exist when it comes to choosing deck railings.

-         Traditional wood railings, either pressure treated of cedar

-         Metal railings

-         Glass railings, off the shelf from a big box store

-         Glass railings, custom built for the deck

If you have a view, glass railings are an excellent choice, while wood or metal railings can be a budget friendly choice.

Deck Inspections & Deck Repairs

Decks are expensive to build, so it only makes sense to maintain your deck and make it work for many years to come.  Our deck maintenance services:

-         Deck inspections – so you can feel safe on your deck

-         Deck repairs – to extend the lifespan of your deck

-         Deck maintenance