House Additions

You love your neighbourhood - the neighbors, the stores, your children can walk to nearby schools and play safely in community parks - but your house is just too small. By adding more space in the living areas, or an extra bedroom, the home is then large enough to serve your needs.

Building an addition onto your home is not an easy task, and it is important to work with experienced professionals. The big challenge with house additions is making sure they fit properly with the existing house, both structurally and aesthetically. Inspire Homes has the experience to answer your questions, and make your house addition dream a reality.

The various types of home additions we have completed include: Second Storey Additions, Kitchen Additions, Bathroom Additions, Master Bedroom Additions, Family Room Additions, Accessory Apartment Additions.

Home Renovations

A house renovation is an excellent way to improve the comfort and functionality of a home, and maintain and enhance the value of a home.

Whatever your renovation plans, Inspire Homes can help design and build your renovation to be functional, look good, and enhance the value of your home.

Inspire Homes has completed renovations to kitchens, bathrooms, master ensuite bathrooms, powder rooms, basements, family rooms, bedrooms, laundry rooms, open concept renovations, barrier free design, accessible bathroom renovations, aging in place design, porches, decks, balconies, and condo renovations.

Condo Renovations

Condo renovations are more complex than a typical home renovation.  There are limits and restrictions on what can be done and logistical issues of work hours, material deliveries and waste removal.  Hiring an experienced renovator with proper insurance is vital.

Inspire Homes has renovated condos from downtown Toronto to Blue Mountain Village in Collingwood.  Our condo renovation project have included all types of kitchen and bath upgrades and renovations as well as flooring and trimwork replacement.

Net Zero Home Renovations

Homeowner in Toronto, Caledon and surrounding areas that are looking to renovate their homes and make them super energy efficient with minimal energy use have a new option with the Net Zero Home Renovation program.  Created by the Canadian Home Builders Association and NRCan (a Canadian Government Agency), Net Zero is on the leading edge of creating the most energy efficient homes in the country.

Net Zero home renovations improve insulation and mechanical systems, while reducing energy use, utlitiy bills, and carbon footprint.

Older Home & Century Home Renovations

There is a certain charm in the design and architectural style of older homes, that was lost as the post WW2 building boom drove builders to cut costs and construction time.

Older homes, often referred to as century homes, are desirable purchase for many homeowners who are looking for a unique home.

But older homes are often in need of major renovations.  Sometimes its the plumbing and electrical than need to be upgraded, other times its sagging floors and structural issues.   Older homes have usually had several renovations, and often these renovations are not up to current building codes.

We have worked on numerous 'century homes' over the past 15 years in older neighbourhoods in Toronto and in rurual areas such as Caledon, Erin & Dufferin County.


Laneway Homes

As housing prices soar, people are looking for innovative ways to create space for their family, guests, and to create rental income.  Laneway homes have become a popular way to create a separate living space for adult family members or rental income unit across the country.  Shortly, they will be coming to a Toronto neighbourhood near you, as Toronto city council considers approving laneway homes as a secondary suite on an existing property.

Proposed laneway home regulations in Toronto would permit a second home on most properties which have a laneway.  The laneway home would be built on the same parcel of land as the existing residence, with services such as water, sewer and electricity connected to the existing house.

With many years of experience in designing and building small projects, we are excited about the potential for laneway homes in Toronto.  We have investigated the regulations and logistics of building laneway homes, and have started design of several laneway homes in anticipation of this opportunity.

Design + Build

Inspire Homes delivers a complete design and construction solution, using the design/build project delivery method. Starting with a clear understanding of your goals, we work collaboratively with you to design, schedule and build the project to fit your needs and budget.

Benefits of design build include single point of contact from conception to completion, single point of accountability for performance and cost, and faster completion time.

We design in a style that you prefer, be it traditional, craftsman, transitional, contemporary or modern.  Most of our projects feature open concept floor plans.

Warranty & Home Services & Maintenace

We offer a two year comprehensive warranty on all our work, and we are available long after to continue to service and maintain our work, and any other parts of you home that may require repairs.

We offer handyman & home services to our past clients, and to others in the following geographic areas:

  • Toronto West
  • Etobicoke
  • East Mississauga
  • Caledon
  • Erin
  • King Township

Our home services division provides handyman services such as leak repairs, small drywall and painting projects, deck/shed/fence repairs, caulking, etc.