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Upscale Accessible Renovations 

Accessible renovations don't have to look institutional.

We specialize in making accessible bathrooms and accessible homes look great - and upscale.

Every accessible renovation project begins with design.

We identify the needs of the people that will be using the space, and craft a solution.

  • shower accessibility
  • shower functionality
  • ability to manoeuvre in a wheelchair or other mobility devices
  • appropriate grab bar placement

Our accessible projects are built to give and upscale residential look to the home.  While the features are functional, the look is not institutional.

We create solutions to allow Toronto homeowners to live in their home longer.

Commercial & Institutional Accessibility

Business accessibility is important, providing equal opportunity for persons of all abilities to access important services.

We provide all types of accessible renovations for commercial and institutional buildings, including access into buildings (ramps, automated doors) and accessible bathrooms.


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Accessible Shower Design

A key feature of an accessible bathroom is creating an accessible shower.  The ideal shower is one that has no curb, that can be wheelchair accessible.

Depending on the type of floor construction, it may be possible to lower the shower floor area to create a curbless entry.  The pictures on this page show some projects where we have been able to achieve a curbless shower entry.

Accessible plumbing fixtures are important, and often achieved using a sliding shower bar.

Grab bars are a key feature, and can also serve as a shelf, so that the shower does not look institutional.

Luxurious yet cost effective finishes give the bathroom an upscale look.

Accessible Bathrooms in Condos

Condos are more challenging to convert into an accessible space.  Floors are concrete, plumbing drains can't be moved, and walls often can't be moved.

Condo bathrooms are ofen small spaces which makes it difficult to manouvre with a wheelchair or mobility device.

We have been able to craft solutions in condominiums to create showers that are wheelchair accessible, and have been able to adapt spaces to make them workable.

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How We Work: Design + Build

Every accessible bathroom renovation begins with design.

Homeowners work with our Living In Place certified designer to assess requirements, develop options and create a design and a plan to address accessibility needs.

Design includes selecting products that will meet functionality requirements, as well as look good.  Our goal is to give an accessible bathroom aethetically pleasing, and avoid having an institutional look.

Once designing, planning and product selection is complete, we will get firm pricing from our trade partners and suppliers and give you a guaranteed price on the project.

Construction follows shortly after, as soon as all products have arrived at our supplier.

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Accessible Renovations Contractor

As the population ages, Toronto residents are looking for contactors who have experience with accessible renovations.

We have built many accessible bathrooms, but we also modify other parts of the home to make them accessible - exterior wheelchair ramps, staircases, kitchens and other rooms in the house.

Our accessible projects are built to give and upscale residential look to the home.  While the features are functional, the look is not institutional.

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