Criminal Background Checks: Who Is Working In Your Home?

You’re planning to renovate your home.  How do you choose a renovation contractor?  You ask others who they have used before, and you check references.  But do you really know who you are letting into your home?

Today’s blog post is prompted by the recent arrests of a number of alleged drug dealers, among which were a renovation contractor and one of his employees.  They may be excellent contractors and take great care of peoples’ homes, but many homeowners would be uncomfortable with the fact that their renovation contractor is also an alleged drug dealer.  Not to mention the days of work they will miss due to jail and court time.   Unfortunately, construction attracts a disproportionate number people with questionable character traits.

At Inspire Homes, the character of employees has been a concern of ours since we hired our first employee.  Not long after that, we started asking for a criminal records check of all our field employees as a condition of employment.

When we hire, in addition to looking at experience and education, we get a criminal background check to help evaluate the character of the person.  It gives us an added measure of confidence in the person we are sending into your home.

It just makes sense to us to do this, and we’re sure it makes sense to most homeowners as well.

Your Turn

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