Project Spotlight: Church Steeple Repair

Most of our work involves major renovations, and building house additions to homes in Etobicoke and Toronto.  We’re strong believers in sticking to what we do best, and we typically avoid projects where we do not have a high level of expertise.

So when a request came to look at a church steeple in Caledon that needed repair, our first thought was – this is not the type of work we do, surely there must be someone more qualified to do it.  But because it came from someone we knew, and it’s just down the street from the office, we went to look at it.

The steeple’s metal roofing had sustained damage from recent strong winds.  A piece of capping and one metal panel were loose.  Fixing it would not be a difficult repair, but getting up to the spot would be difficult.  Using a ladder would be precarious and downright dangerous.  We decided a bucket crane would be the safest.  We checked with our usual crane service, and were pleased to find out they have one truck with a bucket.

Forty-eight hours later, we were on site with the crane.  The repair was completed quickly, and we inspected the remainder of the steeple and proactively repaired a few additional areas that could become an issue in the future.

Will we be getting into the church steeple repair business?  Probably not.  But sometimes its good to do something different, and this little project will definitely be one we’ll talk about for a long time.