What Can You Renovate for $35,000?

The Building Industry and Land Development Association (BILD), along with RenoMark, is holding a contest to celebrate the 35th anniversary of The Toronto Star’s ‘New In Homes’ section.

For 35 weeks, BILD will be accepting entries, and will then award a $35,000 prize to one lucky winner.  The money must be used for a new home purchase or a home renovation from a BILD member.  Full contest details and entry form are available on The Toronto Star website.  The contest ends on November 10th, so you still have another five weeks to submit you entry.

We’ve been asked, what will a $35,000 renovation get me?  Here’s some ideas.

Bathroom Renovations – Completely renovate 3 standard bathrooms in your home.  Or a master ensuite with a Jacuzzi tub and frameless glass shower enclosure, and a standard bathroom.

Kitchen Renovation – complete kitchen renovation, including new flooring, custom cabinets and granite countertops.

Basement – Finish your basement, or renovate that 1970s wood panel basement.

Garage – Many homes built in Toronto in the 1950s do not have a garage, but do have the space to add a garage.  Build an attached garage, with an entrance directly into your home.

Flooring & Painting – Rip out all the carpet and parquet flooring in your subdivision home, install hardwood flooring, refinish the staircase in hardwood and repaint the entire house.  And still have some money to spare.

Exterior – Remove the old siding on your home and install a new stucco finish.  Not only will your home look better, you’ll reduce your heating bills.

If you have some other project in mind and want to know if it will fit into a $35,000 budget, give us a call and we’ll be happy to discuss it with you.