Project Spotlight: Kitchen Reno Creates More Space

This Etobicoke kitchen was in dire need of an update. The existing kitchen had previously been renovated in the 1980s and featured blue laminate cabinets, white tile floor and dated appliances – all elements that made the kitchen feel small, dark and dated. Additionally, the refrigerator was peculiarly placed in the middle of the room, which cut up the room and made it cumbersome to cook in.


Kitchen prior to renovation.

The homeowners’ goals for this renovation were simple: they wanted a better functioning kitchen with an open feel – while retaining the existing footprint.

A Good Design

As with any renovation, the design is the key element to a great project and happy homeowners. The homeowners wanted an “open feel” to the kitchen and to connect to the adjacent living room, but they didn’t desire a full-on open floor plan. The existing kitchen was an eat-in, so we removed the table, closed off that section from the foyer (to better define the space) and added more cabinetry.

Next, we addressed the functionality of the kitchen. The refrigerator was the biggest problem, so we moved it from the middle of the room and tucked it into a corner just off the living room. Not only does this change make sense from a food preparation perspective, but it also became more convenient to the living room. The homeowners no longer have to cross the kitchen to get a drink or snack.


The newly renovated kitchen.

After rearranging the appliances and adding a dishwasher, we had one more design element to consider: how to open up the space between the kitchen and living room. Knocking down the wall between the living room and kitchen was not something the homeowners wanted – they still wanted privacy between the two rooms. We knew an opening in the wall was necessary, but it needed to provide the right balance between functionality and privacy. We recommended a glass cabinet unit be installed between the two rooms; however, designing it was tricky and took a bit of time. We looked at several different concepts before we came up with the right one. In the end, the custom-built unit became a stunning focal point for both rooms.  See more photos here.