Project Spotlight: Mississauga Bathroom Renovation


Bathroom Renovation in Mississauga


The Mississauga home was built in the 1980s and it was time to modernize and remodel the facilities. The bathroom was rather large – 12′ x 15′ for a total of 180 square feet – yet the entire décor, such as the mirrors, pot-lights and tile, was dated, making the space unappealing. The tiny shower did not fit the massive space, and the toilet and bidet were out in the open without privacy.

 Because the bathroom was 30 years old, all the existing fixtures and materials were removed and we started with a clean slate. While there was no need to expand the square footage of the room, we did change the floor plan. The only fixture that remained in the same spot was the toilet.


In fact, the reconfiguring of the bathroom was the biggest project challenge. The bathroom was located on the second floor and because the homeowners had a beautiful dining room directly underneath this space, cutting into the ceiling to access the plumbing wasn’t an option.


Our only option to reach the plumbing was from the bathroom floor. We cut the subfloor to gain access to the existing plumbing and then ran new plumbing, where needed. We had to be careful not to accidently step or drop a tool through the ceiling. We also had to be meticulous in our pipe fitting so there weren’t any leaks. Even the smallest leak would have shown up as a water mark and ruined the dining room ceiling.


Other floor plan changes included moving the bidet adjacent to the toilet and building a wall to give this area privacy. The shower more than doubled in size, (a four foot  by six foot size) the vanity shifted a bit and the free-standing Victoria + Albert tub was moved under the window.


A heated floor was installed under the contemporary rectangular porcelain tile. The vanity was custom made to fit the space with a quartz countertop and shaker-style doors. The shower was fitted with a hand-held shower head and body spray nozzles and was enclosed with a sliding glass door.


All in all, the homeowners are beyond thrilled with their newly renovated bathroom and the design solutions we were able to provide them for the space. They are already thinking about their next project with us!




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