10 Kitchen Renovation Trends for 2016

10 Kitchen Trends for 2016

The heart of any home is undeniably the kitchen. It’s a multi-faceted space where friends and family gather, meals are prepared and enjoyed, and day-to-day life unfolds. At Inspire Homes, we believe that kitchens can be functional and beautiful by incorporating the latest design trends with quality products, striking finishes and solid construction.

Whether you are considering a full kitchen renovation or a simple refresh, here are 10 kitchen design trends that we have our eye on:

Integrated Kitchen and Living Spaces
In recent years, there has been a large shift from standalone kitchens to open concept kitchens. While this trend is not necessarily new, it continues to gain traction as kitchens converge with main living spaces through the use of hidden storage and appliances, streamlined design and furniture-inspired cabinetry.

Clean Meets Subtle
As modern-style kitchens continue to gain in popularity, more homeowners are opting for clean lines and subtle cabinetry. This trend is two-fold in that it ensures design flexibility with connecting spaces, like open-concept living rooms, and longevity down the road.


White shaker doors provide a classic, yet minimalist look in this Toronto kitchen renovation.

Redefined Eating Spaces
The traditional, standard kitchen table has gone to the wayside. Instead, homeowners are utilizing this space for breakfast bars, islands or tall gathering tables for a more relaxed feel that is better suited to family life.

Soft, Muted Colours
While white kitchens will always remain on trend, many kitchen designers are turning to softer, muted shades, like charcoal, greys, and even neutral pastels, as an alternative to the standard white kitchen. This fresh colour scheme is popping up in cabinets, islands and backsplashes alike.


This Mississauga kitchen renovation features a grey kitchen island paired with white wall cabinets.

Simplified Storage
From touch opening drawers, pull-outs, tilt-ups, roll-outs and hidden outlets, kitchen renovations are now incorporating more integrated space- and time-saving storage features than ever before. Simplified storage, like deep pull-out drawers, makes it easier to stack items and keep pots, pans and baking dishes in order.

Due to the popularity of stainless-steel appliances, other metallic accents, like copper, brass or bronze, are making a greater appearance in kitchens. Accent backsplashes, metallic pendant lights, statement hardware and metal range hoods all offer a nice contrast to neutral toned kitchens, which, as we know, is also on-trend.

Toronto House Addition - Renovation Award Finalist

This award-winning Toronto kitchen renovation features a stainless steel light valence and stainless steel shelf above the sink.

Illuminated Cabinetry
A growing trend in kitchen design is the extensive use of cabinet lighting – for both task lighting and mood-setting. Low-voltage LED light tape strips are an ideal choice, as they can be used to discreetly accent above, below and inside cabinets, and even under countertop overhangs.


The cabinets in this Etobicoke kitchen renovation project are illuminated with LED puck lights.

Open Shelving
Open shelving is not only aesthetically pleasing, as it offers a more open, airier feel, but it is also functional. By storing day-to-day dishware and glassware on open shelves, homeowners add greater efficiency to their busy kitchen spaces.



Open shelves are used to store colourful dishware in this Schomberg kitchen renovation.

Niche Appliances
For culinary aficionados, niche appliances are finding their way into kitchen renovation design plans. Steam ovens, warming drawers, built-in wine refrigerators, double wall ovens and induction cooktops add a touch of luxury to a kitchen, as well as functionality.

High-Tech Features
As the demand for technology continues to grow, designers are incorporating more high-tech features into kitchen spaces. Hidden built-in charging stations and cabinet-mounted tablet holders keep devices close-at-hand and fully charged when you need them.

Kitchen trends are about you – what is relevant to your lifestyle, your needs and the visual look you want to achieve. At Inspire Homes, we are truly passionate about kitchen renovation and design. In fact, we enjoy helping homeowners transform tired, small kitchens into fully functional, integrated spaces that the whole family can enjoy.

To learn more about kitchen trends and how we can breathe new life into the heart of your home, please feel free to contact us.