The Kitchen Design Process

The Kitchen Design Process: What to Expect?

The design process is one of the most critical steps in a kitchen renovation. There any many factors to consider, such as the floor plan, electrical and mechanical placement, product selection and appliance location. It can be an overwhelming task when tackled alone, but, by working with a professional designer, they can simplify and streamline the process for you.

Here are four key steps of the design process that you can expect when planning for your next kitchen renovation:


STEP 1: Needs Analysis |  What are you looking to achieve?

The purpose of the needs analysis is for the designer to understand your end goals for your kitchen renovation. It’s an in-depth conversation that delves deeply into your likes, dislikes, needs and desires, and opens the discussion to ideas and possibilities for your kitchen remodel.

For this initial meeting, you can expect it to take one to two hours and there may even be homework for you to complete, like creating an idea book or completing a design questionnaire. This first step is critical for a successful kitchen renovation because it sets a solid foundation for a great design and build.


STEP 2: Conceptual Design |  Which design speaks to you the most?

One week after your needs assessment with your designer, you’ll be presented with up to three concepts for your kitchen project. Each design alternative will incorporate your must-have wants and will include floor plans, elevations and 3D renderings to help you in your decision.

This is an exciting step in the design process because this is when your vision starts to come to life. What was once an idea or dream, is now a possibility! By looking at the drawings, you will be able to visualize what your cabinetry will look like, where your appliances will be installed and even where your cooking utensils, dishware and pots and pans will go.


STEP 3: Design Refinements |  What can we tweak or improve?

Once you have chosen your kitchen concept, you’ll meet with your designer once again to review the design and discuss any potential changes that you wish to make. This is the perfect chance to refine any details that require additional tweaks and to ensure that you are happy with all aspects of your renovated kitchen.

From here, you can expect to receive final revisions on your preferred design concept, as well as an electrical plan for your new kitchen.


STEP 4: Product Selection |  What products do you want in your new kitchen?

This is the fun and final part of the design stage – you get to go shopping for materials for your soon-to-be new kitchen! Whether you visit a design centre or individual supplier showrooms, this is your chance to touch, see and experience a range of cabinets, countertops, flooring, tile and other fixtures.

This process shouldn’t be rushed, as you want to make the best product selections to suit your needs for the long-term enjoyment of your kitchen. You should budget yourself one to two weeks to make all of your final product selections.


What’s Next?

Once your design and product selections have been finalized, the process shifts towards the quoting, pre-build and building phases – all equally exciting milestones within the renovation process. This is where your kitchen’s design comes to fruition; when your diligent work and time spent carefully planning out your new space comes to life.


Love Your Home Again

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