6 Benefits of Lowering Your Basement

Have you ever dreamed of having a full-height, finished basement for additional living space, but don’t have the headroom to make this a reality? If so, you are not alone. Many homeowners in Toronto encounter this issue, especially since most basements in older homes were originally intended for mechanics, cold cellars or fuel storage, like coal.


Of course, if you need additional space for your family, you could always move. But, with the increasing cost of real estate in Southern Ontario and a scarcity of land to build in urban areas, like Toronto, more homeowners are turning to underpinning to transform a once dark, damp area into a bright, livable finished basement.


And, it’s such a smart, effective alternative to moving or adding a second or third storey addition – one that can really enhance how you live and enjoy your home.


Here are six benefits to consider when thinking of lowering your basement:


Easier access to hidden mechanics

The process of underpinning your basement uncovers the hidden mechanics of your home, such as your plumbing, electrical and insulation systems. This makes it much easier to inspect, upgrade and repair as necessary, and bring your house up to proper code.


Opportunity to waterproof and address leaks

Water or moisture in the basement is every homeowner’s worst nightmare – especially if you have a finished space. Luckily, when you lower your basement by underpinning, you also have the opportunity to install or upgrade your waterproofing system to keep your home safe and dry.


Stabilizes and strengthens the integrity of your home

Underpinning can address structural problems within your home, such as sagging beams, undersized or missing footings, and unstable exterior walls. Through this process, you immediately stabilize and strengthen your foundation, which will increase your home’s longevity and quality, while also improving its resale value. It’s a smart investment with good returns, both financially and for your peace of mind.


Adds valuable living space that is customized to your needs

When you lower your basement, you gain valuable below-ground living space, thus greatly expanding the usability and functionality of your home. This space can also be customized to your needs and aesthetic, whether it be an additional recreation room, office, bedroom, home theatre or even an in-law or income suite. Best of all, you get exactly what you are looking for, which is often not the case when you buy a new home.


Opportunity to increase ceiling height and maximize lighting

Traditional basements often lack headroom and natural light, making them unpleasant and unlivable spaces in the home. By lowering your basement, you can significantly increase your ceiling height to accommodate even the tallest of guests without having to duck around bulkheads or other obstructions. This is also a great opportunity to incorporate modern recessed lighting for a brighter, more open space.


Most effective and least disruptive way to gain square footage within your existing home

Finishing your basement is more economical and time-efficient than building an addition since the walls, floor and ceiling are already in place. Even if you have to underpin, you’re still building within your home’s existing structure, which means that you don’t have to worry about city zoning regulations or height restrictions.


Whether you are interested in gaining valuable living space or addressing a structural issue with your foundation, lowering your basement is a sound way to enhance, strengthen, expand and add value to your home without the need to relocate or move.


For a project of the scope, it’s best to partner with a professional design build firm, like Inspire Homes, who understands the structural implications of underpinning a basement. We also offer the expertise of our professional designer, who works with homeowners to develop clever ideas that maximize space and budgets, so that your newly finished basement is not only functional, but beautiful too.


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