8 Common Bathroom Mistakes To Avoid

Bathroom design has come a long way in recent decades, evolving from a utilitarian space used to clean oneself to a relaxing retreat meant for luxuriating and unwinding. Because of this shift, more homeowners are looking to remodel their dark, dated bathrooms into magnificent showpieces that feature many premium bath fixtures and design elements. And, while updates like these enhance the bathing experience and add value to the home, they also open themselves up to a degree of error by not considering a thoughtful bathroom design from the onset – one that maximizes enjoyment, quality and longevity.


Before you get started on designing your next bathroom remodel, here are eight common design mistakes to avoid:


Mistake #1: Poor Placement Within the Home

If you are building your bathroom from scratch, then it’s important to consider its location within the home to ensure adequate privacy and eye-pleasing sightlines. For example, whenever possible, avoid locating a bathroom directly off the main areas of the home, such as the kitchen, living room or dining room. Not only will this ensure a physical separation of the space, but a visual one too. After all, you don’t want your dinner guests to have a clear view of your bathroom toilet from the dining room!


Mistake #2: Bad Fixture Placement

Speaking of placement, that also includes the fixtures within your bathroom. If you have the ability to revise your existing floorplan, be sure to choose a layout that makes the best use of available space, while taking sightlines into account from adjacent rooms. For example, rather than having the toilet as the main focal point, consider placing the toilet and shower in their own water closet, while keeping the sink separate. Not only will this add more privacy to the room, but it also doubles the bathroom’s functionality by allowing more than one person to comfortably use the space at the same time.


Mistake #3: Inadequate Lighting

Any professional designer will tell you that lighting design is all about balance, even in the bathroom. There are four types of lighting that should be factored into your remodel: task lighting for makeup application or shaving, ambient lighting to enhance the mood of the space, accent lighting to create interest or a focal point, and natural lighting, like a window or skylight. The goal is to flood your bathroom with various types and intensities of light to create a warm and inviting space that is functional and beautiful too.


Mistake #4: Bad Ventilation

When a bathroom is poorly ventilated, the space is not only uncomfortable to be in, but the lingering humidity can also cause a build-up of condensation that deteriorates paint and encourages mold growth on bathroom surfaces. To avoid this issue, which can be costly to remediate, it is advisable to install an efficient exhaust fan, that is vented outdoors, in every bathroom of your home.


Mistake #5: Improper Waterproofing

Inadequate bathroom waterproofing can lead to huge issues down the road, which are expensive to fix and can wreak havoc on other rooms in the home, especially if your bathroom is located above another finished level. The key to a successful waterproofing job is the membrane. While it is necessary to use the membrane within and around the shower, it is also recommended to use it throughout the entire bathroom to ensure that your space can withstand constant water and moisture without any leaks or damage to surfaces.


Mistake #6: Skimping on Storage and Counter Space

Nothing is more disappointing than a newly finished bathroom with limited counter or storage space – because, let’s face it, bathroom clutter is not very pleasing to the eye, especially if you own a lot of toiletries and bath supplies. To avoid this faux pas, take stock of your storage needs during the bathroom design process and be realistic with what you require. Depending on your layout, you can incorporate recessed in-wall cabinets, vanity hutches, custom cabinetry organizers, shelves, towel racks and more to improve the functionality of your space. If counter space is important to you, consider nixing the second sink for more room to spread out.


Mistake #7: Installing Fixtures Your Home Can’t Support 

The idea of a long relaxing bath in a soaker tub or an invigorating steam shower may sound appealing to most people, but if your home can’t support these systems, they won’t offer an enjoyable experience. To ensure you don’t fall victim to a chilly bath or a weak shower spray, make sure that your home’s water heater meets the recommended specs and that you have adequate water pressure as well.


Mistake #8: Not Consulting with a Professional Designer 

Even though a bathroom remodel might seem like a straightforward project, that’s not always the case, especially if you are looking to revise your current floor plan or add new fixtures into the mix. By working with a professional designer, they can help you create an efficient and functional bathroom that meets your family’s needs and remains within your budget. They’ll even help you source quality products, like plumbing fixtures, vanities, countertops, tiles, shower enclosures, colours and other design elements, to turn your space into the bathroom of your dreams.


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