11 Kitchen Trends For 2020

11 Kitchen Trends for 2020

Between whipping up quick breakfasts, cooking weeknight dinners and packing lunches for school or work, the kitchen is a hub of endless action. It’s a space where groceries are unloaded, to-do lists are crossed off, Sunday meal preps are done, the mail is opened and forgotten homework is finished.

But amid this hustle and bustle, the kitchen is also the heart of the home that welcomes guests – an area where we can slow down the hectic pace of life, pop on the kettle and savour the company of friends and family. It’s a place where triumphs and disappointments are shared, jokes are cracked and decisions are made.

For all of these reasons, keeping our kitchens functional, beautiful and modernized is perhaps the most important when compared to other rooms in the home. But just like daily life moves fast, so do design trends.

With this in mind, we’ve uncovered the 11 most emerging kitchen trends for 2020 that have caught the attention of our team and suppliers. From hardware and handles to cabinet door details and storage solutions, this list has the inspiration you need to help plan your dream kitchen.



1. Shaker Bevel Doors

Shaker cabinet doors are a true classic, but homeowners and cabinetmakers are replacing the standard square door detail with a bevelled edge. This variation adds more depth and character to the flat panel and works well in transitional kitchens.

Shaker doors with bevel have become one of the most popular cabinet choices.  The grayish cabinet colour is also a trend. (trend #3).


2. Flat-Panel Doors

Flat-panel cabinet doors are popular in contemporary kitchens for their minimalistic form and sleek lines. This style of door is a great fit for homeowners that crave simplicity and want to achieve a modern aesthetic. There is also a range of materials, finishes, colours and sheens to choose from since flat panel doors can be made from any material. You can have your pick of natural or stained wood, painted wood or high gloss – the options are endless.


3. Grey / Darker Colours

White cabinets are no longer the number one choice for kitchens. More homeowners are choosing coloured cabinets to make a bolder statement for added personality. Grey neutrals are timeless, but we’re also seeing darker colours, like blue and green with a greyish tinge, for more drama and high-end allure.


4. High-Gloss Finishes

A high-gloss finish elevates any cabinet design from ordinary to eye-candy. Best-suited for contemporary kitchens with flat-panel doors, glossy cabinets reflect light and can make smaller kitchens appear larger.

High gloss cabinets in a contemporary kitchen.


5. Accent Woods

We’re seeing more kitchen designs that include wood accents to add warmth and texture. Shelves, countertops, cabinets and décor all blend well with painted finishes and provide character and balance to transitional kitchens.

Natural wood shelves add warmth and flair to a kitchen.


6. No handles

Handleless cabinets are trending in contemporary kitchens for their clean and streamlined look. Recessed channels and concealed finger grips are used in place of traditional handles to open and close cabinets, and push-to-open mechanisms work well too. This clutter-free look is ageless and a great choice for small kitchens.


7. Hardware with brushed gold finishes

Gold finishes are back in style, but not the polished handles and hardware from decades ago. Sophisticated and timeless, brushed gold is more subtle and softer looking compared to the harshness of polished gold. It also complements stainless-steel appliances more easily, making it a versatile option for transitional designs.

Brushed brass cabinet handles.  Flat panel doors are also a trend (trend #2)


8. Inserts, pull-outs and more

From touch-open drawers, pull-outs, tilt-ups, roll-outs, hidden outlets and small appliance garages, integrated storage features are more on-trend than ever before. Not only do they make accessing equipment and ingredients easier, but they enhance a kitchen’s clean and modern aesthetic.

9. Floating shelves

Open floating shelves are popular in busy kitchens because they are functional, aesthetically pleasing and easy to access. It’s an efficient way to store everyday items, like dishware, glassware and other commonly used items, while adding interest to a kitchen.


10. No Crown Moulding

Crown moulding is a decorative element that adds detail and dimension by drawing the eye upwards. However, we’re seeing more contemporary designs that eliminate crown moulding for a sleeker and more modern appearance.


11. Built-In Appliances

Built-in appliances are visually and physically integrated into the cabinetry around them to provide a streamlined look. Built-in wall ovens, cooktops, range hoods, microwaves, refrigerators and dishwashers are common in today’s kitchens, as well as specialty appliances like coffee machines.


Let’s hear from you!

What kitchen trends are you loving right now? Drop us a line and share what designs have caught your eye! If you need more inspiration, check out our Kitchen Project Gallery for ideas.