Our COVID-19 Response

Updated: May 14, 2020.

On May 19, all construction that is closed is allowed to resume.

This does not mean its business as usual.  We continue to maintain distancing measures and a safe work environment.

The health, safety, and well-being of our employees, customers, and trade partners is our primary concern.  We are following the directives from the province and municipalities in which we operate, and implementing best practices.

Here’s what we’re doing, and how it is affecting our business and our customers.



- We are available to look at new projects.

- We will ask you to send us photos of the home, and then set up a video call (or phone call) to discuss the project.

- For on-site meetings, outdoors is preferred. Any indoor meetings will require all participants to wear masks.



- Design work is continuing, with designers working from home.  Our design team was already equipped to perform most of their work remotely.

- We are continuing to take on new design projects.

- All design meetings are being held virtually.

- Building departments are offering minimal services at this time which is delaying permit issuance.



- Construction may start or resume starting May 19th.

- We are implementing safe work measures as directed by government authorities.  This includes:

  • limiting the number of workers on a jobsite
  • distancing measures
  • cleaning & sanitation
  • active screening of persons attending a jobsite

- For our current projects, we are committing to finishing the work for our homeowners, unless they prefer the project be put on hold.

- Building departments are working on reduced service levels, which will delay obtaining permits and inspections so we are unable to obtain inspections.

- specific guidelines are being implemented for work in occupied spaces.

We expect some supply chain interruptions will continue to occur, which along with our limit on the number of workers on site will lead some extension of construction schedules.



Our office is closed, we will not be accepting any visitors at the current time.

  • Office staff will be working remotely where possible.  Our technology allows us, for the large part, to work remotely.
  • Voicemails left on our main office phone line are automatically emailed to staff, who can then respond.
  • For trades and suppliers, there will be no change in processing your invoices and issuing payments.