Man Caves & She Sheds

Guest post by: Laura Prestia

With the whole family staying home 24-7-365, parents need some space to get some “me time” so they can be calm and help the family deal with the stress of life during the time of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Moms and dads can get some reprieve and relax by putting aside some space at home to call their own. Enter the “Man Cave” and the “She Shed”.

When I was kid, the Man Cave consisted of a dark corner of the basement where the walls were lined with wood paneling, the cement floor was left uncovered so hard-soled slippers were a necessity, heat was provided by a small floor heater that covered only 1 square foot of space so it had to be moved around the room, the furniture was the hand-me-downs from the family room upstairs so seat cushions were saggy and the fabric was kept together with duct tape, and entertainment was provided by a boom box and a 15-inch television. The Man Cave is no longer the “dungeon” of the home and it has evolved to a much more sophisticated space. So much so that the kids may be willing to listen to a bunch of bad dad-jokes just to be able to enjoy the space. With the evolution of a father’s role in the family, men need a comforting retreat just as much as women.

There was no such thing as a She Shed when I was a kid. Mom didn’t have a private space to decompress and gain her sanity after a day of cleaning, cooking, taking care of the kids and preparing for the next day of the same routine. I’m not sure what’s harder; working in the house or going to work outside of the house. Regardless, women want a space to relax and enjoy some time to do something for themselves, whether it’s a hobby, reading a book, or just relaxing with a cucumber/mint mask while binge watching their favourite streamed show.

The design of these personal spaces looks different for each person. Everyone has their own way of relaxing so get creative. Do you want the space to do your hobbies? You may want some cabinets to store your supplies, to keep the area tidy. Do you prefer the space as an area to lounge and sip on your favourite drink? Built-in shelves can be designed to hide electronics when not in use. Or perhaps you just need a quiet place to work so an office designed with proper lighting and office furniture is the direction you will take. Of course, the space can be designed for multiple purposes and there are many ways to achieve that depending on the square footage of the area that you are converting.

If you are lucky enough to have the space outside, a shed can be built and designed as a place to which you can retreat. If building in the backyard is not an option, think of under-utilized places in the home. Often, families do not use the garage to park the cars so you may be able to use that space. With proper insulation, these areas can be used year-round. You do not need a separate room or building to create a personal space. Even in smaller homes, there are many ways to convert a corner into a parent’s little get-away.

Whether you want the space to be for your own use, or shared with other family members, you can have the space function as you wish. Creative designing can provide you with endless options that you may not even be aware are possible. Inspire Homes will provide you with solutions to your plans, and build the space that suits your needs.

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