Bathroom Renovation Pricing

What is the Cost of A Bathroom Renovation?


This question is usually one of the fist questions homeowners ask when they call us.

To understand the cost of a renovation, many factors need to be considered, including size, types of finishes, age of home, type of home, and site conditions.

Let's look at these quickly before we get into pricing.

Age of Home:  Older homes are more costly to renovate, specifically any home with plaster, lathe and plaster, plank floors (rather than plywood)

Type of Home:  A condo bathroom is more costly to renovate than a bathroom in a bugalow

Site Conditions:  Is there parking on site?  Space for a dumpster?  Room to store materials?

Size: the bigger the bathroom, the more costy, naturally.

Type of Materials:  Custom built vanity, large format tiles, separate shower head/handheld shower are examples of material choice that increase both the cost of material and the labour to install.

Who is Doing the Work?   Is the contractor licenced?  Properly insured?  Do they use a licenced plumber and electrician for plumbing & electrical work?   Licensed & insured contractor will be more costly that the jack-of-all-trades who foes all the work himself.


Click on the link to see our bathroom renovation pricing guide.

Bathroom Pricing Guide Jan2020